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A brief description of how the illness manifests in children.

Juvenile arthritis is distinct from the common types of rheumatoid joint arthritis found in adult patients. Joint inflammation is commonly referred to as arthritis. The pediatricians of children are trained to determine the severity of arthritis among their patients before they recommend treatment. The beginning of juvenile arthritis may be in large joints of the lower extremities, typically on the ankles or knees. Polyarthritis, a form of arthritis causes pain in 5 to 10 joints.

Polyarthritis is more common in children older than adults. It can affect the upper extremitiesof the body, for example, fingers. When only one or two joints suffer from the condition, then the doctor will use a more conservative treatment. The doctor may prescribe medication for your child if there’s an outbreak that is more serious. It is now clear the signs of juvenile arthritis and the treatment options for it.


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