Check Out These DIY Drapery Panels! – Maine’s Finest

It is possible to create your personal draperies. This tutorial gives step-by step directions on how to make curtains of your very own.

Making window curtains or draperies isn’t something the majority of people in the 21st century are willing or able to accomplish. If you’ve scoured the web and visited every local department store looking for curtainsbut can’t find the ideal fabric, you might be able to make your own. You can choose exactly the fabric that you want. To complete this task in the past, it was necessary to learn or hire an professional. Modern technology offers video tutorials similar to this that can help you in creating the drapes you want.

Be sure to take measurements accurately. Make sure to measure from floor to top of the curtain rod. Lay out your fabric cut any edges that are selvage and cut it. After you’ve measured the length of the finished product, you should add seven inches. This is among the essentials for making sure you have drapes that are in the correct dimension. You should follow the instructions provided by the video for the final stage of the project.


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